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A website seeking to obtain high traffic and authority over search engine ranking must have to adopt a result-oriented SEO and link-building strategy. When the content of a web page or blog post is written, the major intent of the publisher or admin of that website is to target the readers of the same group having intent to buy his services, or products or read the information that he has provided on his website.


SEO strategy starts with deep keyword research. Keyword research acts as a backbone for search engine optimization. We cannot suggest top-ranked or mostly searched keywords by only guessing our mind.Keywords are a combnation of words used by online users over search engines to search a specific product, services or information.


There are different types of online SEO tools in makret that provide following types of information for a better SEO strategy;

Keyword Research.

Traffic of a website.

Domain auhtority of a website(DA).

Domain rating of a website(DR).

Page authority(PA).

Backlink Check.

Trust flow of backlinks(TF).

Competitor Analysis.

These tools are different in some aspects and functionalities.It is not possible to name all that SEO and keywords research tools but we will try to expand the functionality and features of a mostly used tool in SEO that is Semrush



keyword research tool dashboard semrush


Semrush keyword research tool features are mainly used for a better keyword search and it provides a vast range of functionality.We will elaborate here a few major SEO solutions provided in it.

1.Keyword overview

In keyword overviewd tab we have to put a seeding keyword, a word of suggestion for tool to start an analysis and select a country or area of analyzing that specific keyword(we may use multiple keywords here).When the results appear it looks like the image provided over this writing.The terms showed are explained below in details.


It shows the search volume of a specific keyword in a selected country.

B.Keyword difficulty (KD):

This metric informs difficulty level of a keyword to be ranked over search engine results.

C.Global volume:

It shows the search volume of a specific keyword worldwide.


Intent is search intent of a keyword.It may be informational( for the purpose of getting information of a specific thing), or transactional (search intent to buy a specific thing.Examples of search intent are as under;

INFORMATIONAL INTENT WORD : “How to do keyword research?”.

TRANSACTIONAL INTENT: “Buy semrush online”.



E.Trends in Search:

It show seasonality or virality of a keyword.It means some keywords rank on top during a specific happening or an event.For example cozy caps are being searched mostly during winter season.

Some other terms used in Semrush keyword research tool are described here

CPC: cost per click.

PLA: Product listing ads.

ADS: Text ads.



Semrush Keyword magic tool dashboard



It helps you to identify and manage, save , export relevent and related keywords that are lower comptition.You may filter the keywords through multiple types of metrics as Volume, Keyword difficulty and match types.Instead of guessing what your audience might be looking for Keyword magic tool will break it down for you.It provides the possibility to generate keyword directory of your desired keywords.

You may apply several filters to narrow down your keyword search.All filters are explained here.


A list of keywords that contain your seed word.


A list of question-based keywords that contain your seed word.

3.Broad Match;

Any variation in your seed keyword or keyword phrase in any order.

4.Phrase Match;

Exact keyword or keyword phrase in any order.

5.Exact Match;

Exact keyword or keyword phrase in exact order.


A list of keywords that are related to your seed keyword.

It also provides advanced filters to include or exclude some specific word from your keyword analysis.Keyword magic tool is a real magic in keyword research and helps alot to make a better SEO keyword strategy for your content.

It also provides a feature to export your keywords.


It is tool where a keyword list may be generated for future use and to export via email.It helps us to find, evaluate and validate the keywords that have the potential to boost your presence.It is available only available with a paid subscription.It provides analysis of 100K keywords in all the lists summarized.It also tracks changes in keyword difficulty, SERP features and top competitors.

It provides possibility to integrate with other tools like Position tracking, SEO writing assistant and the PPC keyword tool.

Although keyword research is a time taking and consistent type of work but if we do it properly, it results in long term success for your website and business.Selecting a right tool for keyword research is a major factor to be considered while SEO journey.